Pados Ki Sexy Bhabhiya

Hi this is Rahul. Today I m going to tell u my story in which I enjoy fucking sexy, slut bhabhis in my neighborhood. Stating with my story which goes like this. it was casual day in my life. I was in 11th STD but used to be at home relaxing. Mom n dad used to go for work early morning n would come back late at night. I used to stay at home watching porn and masturbating. I used to be alone at home whole day. Opposite to my house there was a joint Marwari family staying. There were three bhabhis staying. Their husbands used to be away from home for work purpose for 2 -3 months’ always saw the three bhabhis in their low cut blouse n used to think of fucking them really hard. I used to go to bhabhis house with some reason to look at all three bhabhis.

I have fetish for undergarments so I used to steal some of bhabhis panties and bra if I could get chance. I had about 20 panties stored at home which I steal from many bhabhis houses. One day I went to their house n was standing in balcony and saw a bra n panties drying there, I hurriedly took it from the rope and kept in my pocket and then went home and masturbated using it and again later kept it on the rope.

I will first describe you about the sexy bhabhis. Eldest bhabhi name was savita she had one daughter, middle bhabhi name was shobha and she had just delivered a baby and youngest bhabhi name was roshini and she was three months pregnant. I used to talk to the bhabhis quite often. One day savita bhabhi came to me and asked me whether I would teach her daughter which was 7 yrs old drawing. She told as I was free so I could come to their house and teach. I readily agreed. Next day I went to their house. shobha bhabhi told me to go to savita bhabhis room.

As I entered I was stunned to see that bhabhi was wearing her blouse and I could see her lovely big boobs. I got out of room den later bhabhi called me and I said sorry for entering like that but she was fine with it and didn’t mind anything. I started teaching her daughter.

After sometime I asked bhabhi that can I use washroom she said ya ok. As I went inside I was peeing n saw panties of bhabhi on a stand. I have fetish for undergarments so I readily took it and started sniffing it. It was g-string panties and I was surprised to see bhabhi wear g-string. I started stroking my cock covering it with panties. I didn’t realized I had not properly closed the door and saw bathe coming inside. She saw stoking my cock with her panties and then she went out. I hurriedly went in the room and started saying sorry to bhabhi. I told her not to tell my mom about it. She saw me with some wild look and told me that she will not say anything to my mom but I will have to listen to everything she will tell, I agreed.

She first told me to undress and stand; I was surprised but have to do. My cock was rock hard and to full length. She then ordered me to bring the panties I did as said. She then stuffed panties in my mouth and then got undressed. She then tied my hand back with her bra and started sucking my cock. I was in 7th heaven seeing my desire getting fulfilled. I was about to come I moaned loudly n cum in her mouth. Bathe readily ate all the cum and then untied me. She asked me how it was; I told it was my wish come true. She then asked me to satisfy her starving pussy. I started sucking her boobs and then went to her pussy. I licked her pussy so nicely that she came in sometime with loads of juice and I drank it with fun. She then told me she can’t wait for a cock in her pussy.

I was hard again and started fucking her pussy. She was very tight as her she was fucked only once by her husband. She started moaning ahhhh rahul fuck my psussy hard I am waiting for cock since many years. Ahhhhh mmmmmm fuck me fuck me like a bitch. I fucked her hard like a madfucker. I was about to come so told bhabhi but she told me to cum inside her. She wanted to feel the hot streams of cum in her wet pussy. At last we both came together. We lied there for few minutes and then got dressed as other bhabhi were out in the hall.
We started talking about the fucking session we had. I asked bhabhi that how she was so slutty. She told me that her husband was not interested in sex and just fucked her once only because they wanted a child. But she is very horny and wants sex very oftenly but could not find it.

She had a opportunity to get me to fuck her as she had seen me stealing the panties that day. I told her my wish to fuck shobha and roshini bhabhi . she yold me that I will get to fuck them also. I was very happy hearing that. She told me that shobha and roshini bhabhi were also sex deprived and would love to get fucked by my big, hard cock. Before going home she gave me a panties and told me to masturbate at night to satisfy myself. I thanked bhabhi and left their home and went home to enjoy with my new panty. This was the first part of my story in which I fucked my 1st bhabhi in next part I will tell how I fucked other two bhabhi and did I had group sex with all three….. Kahani padhne ke baad apne vichar niche comments me jarur likhe, taaki hum apke liye roz aur behtar kamuk kahaniyan pesh kar sake – DK


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