Another Love Story

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Hi guys. This is Sid. I am 18 year old boy from Mumbai. This is me and my love Nikitha. This event takes place one year ago when we recently met. I thank to the tornado that didn’t did any damage but got me my love and you this story. Otherwise I never had courage to talk to her. Remember the news of a tornado coming near Mumbai last year. Ok let’s get 2 months back from that. When I entered my college on first day the first face I saw was of Nikitha. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. (u may claim your girl to be the best but for me Nikita is the best test.).

When I saw her I was so much out of mind that I fell on the iron chairs. She laughed at me. That made me very nervous and I stayed afraid of her because of that. I got up rushed to washroom. There was something paining in my hand. I saw that my hand is hurt badly and its ing. I never realized it. It left a huge scar on my arm I always wore full hand shirts to hide it. Time passed and I didn’t even to talk to Niki. But day by day my love for her was getting deeper and deeper. One day when I made my mind to talk to her I heard that one of the hunks of our class had already proposed her. I was so depressed but later

I said to myself the she can’t love me and why she would love a dumb boy like me? Time passed. Morning of the day of fate. My parents and my sis left for attending a marriage ceremony leaving me alone cause i was having exams. When we reached college we got the news that it is holiday because of a tornado coming towards Mumbai and we are asked to reach home faster. I searched for her because she stays near my home and she has to catch bus and it is very difficult to catch bus now. I didn’t found her so I rode on my cycle to back home. Saw her standing on a crowded bus stand. She looked very frightened so I made up my mind and came near her.

She seemed calmed seeing me. I said,” u cannot catch a bus now. U should come with me. I will drop u at your home”. I was just saying in a very shy tone. Suddenly she laughed at me( how can someone laugh at this situation?). And said,” u r going to carry me on this cycle”. I said,” Now only this is available”. She again smiled and said,” ok lets go”. She came near me to sit in the front row of cycle. I was not expecting this though. I had problems carrying her because before this I had never so close to any girl and she is my dream girl. We reached her building safe before rain. She got down at her building. She said thanks and I replied its ok. She was about to say something when I said bye.

She stopped and said bye in sad voice. I turned to home but fate had some other intention. As i turned back it started raining heavily and i got wet. She looked back and called me to come inside building. I got there. I was totally drenched. The rain got heavier and wind started blowing faster. She,” u can’t go in this rain. U should wait at my home until rain stops”. I don’t wanted that u know I can’t stand I front of her and she is asking me to go to her house. I lied,” oh, no my parents must be worried about me and waiting for me”. She got angry,” don’t lie, I know there is no one at your home now. Don’t make any excuses and follow me”. she ordered me. ( how come she knows about my parents?).

I followed her to her home. Her home was big. There was no one there. She said,” my family have gone to some marriage ceremony like yours. u should now change your clothes or u will get cold”. She gave me a towel and showed me way to her bathroom. I was wondering why she is acting like this and above all what will I wear now? I removed my wet clothes wrapped the towel around my waist and came out. She saw me I was embarrassed but she was normal then said,” there is my dad’s clothes there in my bedroom. Wear them. Sorry there is no full hand shirt.

Can you manage?” ( how come she knows everything about me and how can she ask a boy to enter her bedroom). Her bedroom was superbly arranged. I closed the door behind me. There were some gents clothes lying on the bed. I wore them. As I turned back towards the door. What I saw. There were many pics of mine sticker to back of the door. Some were of my school days. One was of my hood which even I was seeing after many years. I was blank. What’s all this? She has my photos. I was confused. She loves me. I came out of the room. She was not in the hall. Noise of shower maybe she is taking shower.

I saw her mobile on the table. I wanted to inquire. I opened her gallery. There were loads of my photo. Some taken in college. She was spying on me. I couldn’t see this. I saw my number in her contacts. How she got my number. She knows everything about me, she has my photos, she orders me like someone of hers, does she love me? Yes, definitely she loves me. I could not take it anymore. I was sweating. I kept her phone there. I stepped towards door. Suddenly a voice asked,” where are u going?” I turned back it was niki. She was standing in towel. Water drops were on her face and her white shoulder.

She looked at her phone flashing. I said,” i…i … Am just leaving.”, she said wait. She came near her phone and saw it. She looked at me. Her face was so… She asked in very emotional tone,” u saw everything.”. I said slowly,” yes”. she ran towards me and hugged me tightly and said,” I love you. I love you Sid”. She couldn’t speak more and started crying. I was freeze. I didn’t moved a bit. She was crying and murmuring I love u constantly. I got into consciousness and said hey look at me. She was crying. I broke the hug. She was crying with her eyes closed and repeating the sentence.

I grabbed her head and said,” Niki, open your eyes and look at my, look at me niki”. She opened her eyes. She was still crying tears were running down her face. I said,” I love you too miss emotional, stop crying and give me a smile”. She looked very happy and a smile showed on her face. She was looking so cute. I said,” I love you sweety”. She smiled and said,” Love you”. Suddenly she placed her lips on mine. I was not expecting this. She bit my lips. It was so sensual. I got into the act. I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She welcomed me. We were kissing like this for 5 minutes suddenly she grabbed my left hand and placed it on her right boob.

I was shocked and broke the kiss. She smiled naughtily and said,” tonight I will make u mine”. and she pressed my hand over her boobs and brought her lips near my lips. I understood her feelings. We started kissing again and i fondled her boobs. She bite my tongue had. I broke the kiss and lifted her in my arms. She was smiling looking at me. I carried her to bedroom. I laid her in bed and got beside her. I kissed her forehead and pressed he boob. She moaned. I then kissed her cheek, the ear lobe to her neck. I move below and kissed her boob part that’s was exposed above towel lining. She was moaning and breathing heavily. I unknotted her towel.

Oh, my got her boob were superb( not as big as any actress but perfect for girl of her age). I touched her nipple with my finger. She left a deep moan. I started to suck her one boob and was fondling another. She was moaning heavily and couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head and kissed me. I forcefully broke the kiss and sat down. I removed her towel completely from her body to reveal her clean shaved pussy. I got down and first touched it with hand it was so wet. I put on my tongue on her clit and licked her pussy with one hand i was fingering her. She took my another hand and started sucking my fingers like a baby.

She was moaning like she would cry. Suddenly she bite my hand tightly. It hurt me but I realized that she is going to come so I fastened fingering she came in my face and bit my finger so hard that I . After getting calm she realized what she did and said sorry and sucked my finger to stop the ing. I stopped her. She sat up and pushed me on bed. I fell. She winked and said,” its my time”. She opened my pant. She saw my cock and took it in her mouth without any delay. I was in heaven. She was sucking it like a professional. After sometime I felt all my sperms rushing. I said that I’m coming. She continued to suck it. I came in her mouth.

She took the whole mouthful. Some drops were flowing down her lips. She wiped them with finger and licked them also. After that it was time for the finale. She looked a bit tensed. I smiled at her. She also gave me an smile but tension was clearly visible on her face. I pulled over me and asked what happened?. She said,” Sid I love you more that anything in the world ,but…. But..”. I asked,” but, what?” she said in sorry voice,” if u want , u can fuck me anal but i am not quite ready to take it in my…. I am sorry.” I felt very bad. I said,” Nik, look I know it’s a tough for you. OK.

I will not harm your virginity until you want?” I got up and took my dress. She felt like I am leaving her. She said,” hey Sid, don’t leave me, if u want then i m ready now, but don’t leave me!” she cried. I grabbed her face and said,” hey I am not going to leave you. I got you after so many waiting. I can’t think of staying away from u. I love you. I want you because i love you not to use you. It’s your choice. And I was going to order some dinner. I am feeling hungry..”. I kissed her head. She smiled and kissed on my lips. We laid there for sometimes. Story continues. Mail me at [email protected] Kahani padhne ke baad apne vichar niche comments me jarur likhe, taaki hum apke liye roz aur behtar kamuk kahaniyan pesh kar sake – DK

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000