Sexercise With Bhabi

Hi, I am Abhi. I came up with one spicier incident that will blow you up. The incident happened when I was around 18 years old. I was staying with my family having my mom, dad, brother and Aditi bhabi. The incident happened with Aditi, my brother’s wife. At that time she was around 29-30 years old. She was married to my brother 6 years ago. She was very pretty looking girl. She maintained her figure all these years and she looked liked only 22-23 years old only. No one can tell her she is married if she doesn’t wear any sign of marriage. I had a healthy relation with her, never had a bad intention about her. I was very friendly with her and as I was the youngest member of my family she was also very soft on me. She uses to take care of me very well. So coming down to the incident, my mom and dad went for some marriage ceremony in our family for 2 weeks. Now my brother and Aditi were at home along with me. I used to go to the gym regularly as I like exercising. I do some aerobics classes also. So one fine day Aditi complained about her back pain. She was in very much pain, so my brother took her to a doctor. The doctor advised her to take rest and gave some medicine along with some balm to apply and also advised her to do some exercise also. My brother asked me to give some exercise to Aditi as I was good in that. Aditi also agreed to take some exercise lesson from me other than going to a gym or some other person. So next morning she came to my room and asked me when we will do the exercise. I asked her about her pain. She said the pain is still there. I said to her let brother go to office so that you can take some rest also and then we can do some slight exercise and doing more exercise in pain can harm. So around 11, I went in her room. She was lying on the bed. I asked her is it paining too much. She nodded her head. I asked her did she put the balm on her back. She said she put that last night but not in the morning. I asked her should I put the balm, she said ok fine.

I never had any bad intention till now. It was very normal to do that. She was wearing a saree. I asked her to lie down on her face so that I can put the balm. She did the same. I took some balm on my hand and put the balm on her back. First time when my hand touched her back, I got some strange sensation. I thought it might be something else. I started massaging her back very slowly. I asked her also that am I doing it right. She said yeah, and then I asked her when the pain is more. She said that she has the more pain in her lower back. She was wearing a saree so that part was no accessible to me. I put my hand on top of her saree on to her lower back. I asked her, is it the right part. She nodded her head. My hand was on her upper part of the ass. Now something was happening to me. I was getting hard on my cock. I never felt that way for Aditi but when I put my hand on her lower back something changed in me. I was massaging her lower back slowly. I looked a bit down and saw her ass. It was very round in shape and it was coming out of her figure. She really had a nice shaped ass. This is the first time I was seeing her like that as she was lying on her face she was not watching me. I kept massaging her back slowly and my eyes were struck on her well shaped ass only while massaging my hand sometimes touched her ass also. It was so well maintained and toned. I really enjoyed touching her there. My cock was rock solid by then after massaging for 30 mins or so, she said thanks Abhi. You really gave a nice massage and now the pain has also reduced. We can do the exercise in the evening. I said ok and left the room. Now my mind was playing games. I went to the washroom and jerked while thinking of her. This was the first time I masturbated thinking of her. I was just feeling her ass on my hands. My whole point of view towards her was changed now. Now she was no more my bhabi, but she was a sexy lady who was very well shaped body with nice tight ass which I touched and very well shaped breast also.
Let me describe her in short, she was around 5.5 tall, she had a very nice figure 34-28-34 (which I latter knew). She was a very thing waistline, and her complexion was also very fair. She had a very nice pair of boobs, not very huge but very well shaped and round in shape and her ass was so nicely toned. Whenever she wears something tight her ass was to come out so nicely. Also in saree her ass is used to look so nice. All these things started coming in my mind now. It was around5 in the evening, I was waiting for this time so that I can see her again and also may be touch her again while helping her in exercise. I went to her and asked her about the back pain. She said after the massage she was feeling very good. Also the pain had reduced she said. I asked her whether she will try some exercise. She said sure, I was very happy hearing that. She was still wearing a saree till that time. She asked me, what kind of exercise I will give her today. I told her that we will do some lower back exercise so that it will help her. I was very excited that she was also looking forward to take some exercise lesson from me. I asked her to lie down by her face again like in the morning. She did the same; my eyes were again struck on her tight round shaped ass. Ohh my god she had such a nice ass. I wanted to touch her there but was afraid of doing that also. She asked me what next, I came out of my fantasies world and said yeah we will start now. I asked her to lift her right leg with her left hand and vice versa. This kind of exercise helps in lower back. As she never did some exercise her body was very stiff. She was not able to lift her legs very up. I hold her leg a bit and tried to lift that. She was having some difficulties doing the same. I put my hand on her lower back to support her legs. I put the second hand on her legs and tried to raise that. She said it is difficult, I said as you are doing for the first time it will hurt you but if you do it regularly then it will be fine.
I said I will guide you, don’t worry. She said ok. As I was giving support to her back and also holding her leg, I was having some difficulty. I then move a bit back and took her leg in one hand and put my hand right top on her ass. I did that as instinct and it was now intentional. The moment I figured out where I placed my hand I quickly removed my hand and said sorry. She also was a bit shocked when I placed my hand on her ass. I was feeling very embarrassed when I did that. Breaking the ice she said its ok, and now what. I was now feeling a bit down but her words make me a bit comfortable. Then I put my hand on her lower back again and took her legs and started lifting that. As she was wearing a saree, her saree slipped from her legs. Her saree has come up to her knees and for the first time I saw her bare legs. It was so nice and smooth. My hand was touching her bare legs for the first time.My cock was rising again. She didn’t resist when her saree came up to her knees. She was doing her exercise as I was instructing. That day nothing really happened after 30 mins of exercise I said to her it’s ok for one day. She said again thanks Abhi, it really helping me out. Good that you are instructing me as I would now be very comfortable with someone else. I got very excited hearing those words from her. I said ok and told her tomorrow morning the next session. After that I left from the room while thinking of her super sexy legs and her ass. Now she was all over me. I wanted to touch her so badly now. I started making plans to get close to her. I still don’t know how she felt about the massage and the exercise session. I was still a bit scared of what I did in the night when we were having dinner altogether, my brother asked Aditi how is your back pain. She looked at me and said that the pain is little reduced and she also told that I gave her some exercise that really helped me. She didn’t say that I also gave her massage. May be she didn’t wanted my brother to know that.
Then my brother told me that from now on I have to give exercise session to Aditi every day. I was really excited hearing that. I was also looking for the same. I looked at Aditi and said sure why not. Next morning my brother left as usual to office, I saw Aditi was in the kitchen doing the dishes. I went to her and asked how your back pain is now. She looked at me and said it was fine at night but today morning again the pain started. I asked her not to do any work and asked her to go to her room and take rest. She said “thanks for the concern Abhi, but if I go then who will do all these things. I said to her you go and lie down I will do the same. She resisted but when I asked her to leave and take rest, she smiled and said “ok fine I am going to take rest, thanx for the concern Abhi” and then she left. I did all the work that was left and then went to her room. She was lying on her bed. I asked her did she apply the balm last night. She said no, I said why? She said “I was not able to reach my back. I then asked her why she didn’t ask brother to put that. Hearing my words she laughed and said “who? Your brother will do that? Never, I said why not? She said leave that. Then I asked her should I put some now for you. She said that will be very nice. She was wearing a salwar suit. I asked her to lie down on her face, and she did the same. I was just waiting for this time only. I started to lift her top to her lower back. It got struck in between her legs. She then rose a bit and pulled her top to her back. She was now in her salwar in her legs. She was wearing that was very tight in her legs. Each and every curve of her legs and ass was coming out of the dress. Seeing her like that give me cock instant erection. Now I can see her whole size of ass. It was so round and protruding. I was just into 7th haven as of now.

——————————————————————————– Then I took some cream on my hand and went for her back. I was doing the massage so gently and but my eyes were struck on her super sexy ass. Just to confirm I asked her am I doing it right? She nodded her head. I knew now that she feels nice when I massage her. After massaging her back for 15-20 mins I thought I should ask her whether I should massage her lower back with the cream also. So I asked her “Should I go down a bit to you lower back?” she didn’t responded. I asked her again but still I didn’t get any answer. I looked her and found that she is into her sleep. I think the massage was so relaxing that she slept like that. Now I had some naughty things started playing on my mind. She was wearing a salwar (kind of trousers) in her legs which was having a knot that holds the salwar on the waist. I thought of a plan to touch her ass now. I slowly got the knot of the salwar and undone the knot. I kept looking at her face just to check whether she is in sleep or not. My heart was beating like a train engine. My plan was to put my hand inside her pants and even if she woke up I can tell her that I was just giving massage to her lower back. Now I slowly took some cream on my hand and placed my hand on her lower back. My hand was just where her salwar starts. Once again I looked her face and saw she was still in her sleep. Then very slowly I put my fingers under her salwar. My fingers can touch her panty now. Then I pushed my hands a bit further. Now my whole hand was inside her salwar. Her ass was so soft, I was so excited and at the same time nervous. I took some courage and put my hand inside her panty now. My palms were in direct touch with her bare ass. Ohh my god what a feeling that was and her ass was so round and so well developed and toned. My hand was on top of her right cheek of her ass. My hand was covering her whole ass now. It was so nice feeling. I started moving my hand very slowly on top of her ass. Oh what a ass that was. I never noticed that the cream that was on my hand was now on her ass also. I was so excited that time that I forget that. I then slowly put my fingers in her ass crack. This was the first time I ever touched a girl there. Oh my cock was now bursting out of my pants. I was touching Aditi’s most secret place where no one else than her husband have ever seen. I was rubbing my finger in her ass crack now. Her ass crack was real tight one, both her ass check was so keeping her ass crack nice firm and tight. I was moving my fingers all over her ass crack. I wanted to see ass now but I was very scared of doing anything. While rubbing in her ass crack I slipped my finger a bit deep and there I found something else. I found her ass hole now ooooh I did not believe my luck. I just touched Aditi’s ass hole now. I slowly kept my finger on top of her ass hole. Oh the feeling what I was experiencing was beyond words. I wanted to put my finger in her ass hole but rights then I sense some movement in Aditi. I was damn scared now.I quickly removed my hand from her pants and came out of the room in a real hurry. I kept her salwar know opened like that. I was so scared that I just ran away from there. I don’t know how she is going to react after she will find that I touched most private parts of her. I went directly to my room from there. The excitement I had been over powered by the fear of what might she think of what I just did. I was damn scared now. I didn’t know how to face her after some time she called my name and asked me to come for lunch. She must have known what I did there; there must be cream all over her ass which was supposed to be only on her back and lower back. I was thinking how stupid I was. I slowly came out of the room; I saw Aditi was in kitchen preparing for lunch. I couldn’t face her so just came from my room and sat on the dining table. She was looking normal and wearing the same dress. She came close to the table and my heart was pounding like anything. She sat on the table and asked me, what happened? You look tense! I said no no. The way she asked me the question was very relaxing for me. I can see she was very normal. May be she didn’t find out what I did. But she must have noticed that her knot in the salwar was open and her ass was also half naked. Then I took some courage and asked her about her back pain. She looked at me and gives me a smile. She said “oh you were so nice that I went into sleep, now the pain in very less. Thanks for the amazing massage. Also my lower back pain is also reduced.Now I know she was ok whatever I did there. May be she might not noticed that I touched her ass and asshole. She may be thinking that I only did some lower back massage. I was so relieved to hear those words from her. Then I asked her will she is ready for the evening exercise. She said sure why not, after all these exercise is good for me right?

I nodded my head. I was so excited now. Then we finished lunch and I came to my room. I was so relived now; I went to my wash room and masturbated thinking of her and recollecting the moment when my hand was inside her panty. I was eagerly waiting for the evening time so that I can again touch her. Then after waiting for the whole afternoon the clock went to 5o clock.

I then thought this is time to get some exercise to Aditi now. I went to her room and knocked the door. She said come in. She was doing something in the closet. She said that wait let me finish here then we can start the exercise session. I sat on the bed while she was doing her work. I was watching from behind, I eyes were struck on her waist and ass whenever she bends over to get something her ass was just teasing me.

I wanted to get close and hold the ass but I somehow controlled myself after 5 mins of so she completed all the work and said let’s start. She was wearing a track suit with a top. Her boobs were coming out of her top. She never wears that much tight clothing, but today she was wearing. I was feeling myself very lucky now. She said for exercise I found this clothing, is it ok?

I said yeah absolutely ok. She then said “it’s a bit tight but it will do for now, maybe I can get something more suitable for exercise after someday.” I quickly thought of a plan. I said to her that I will get her a nice workout dress. She smiled and said “Oh abhi, thanx for that. Then I don’t have to worry for now. I was very excited to hear that and now I can get her anything to wear that I want after that she said what we will do today?

I told her first we have to get stiffness out of your body so that you can stretch properly. I asked her to stand straight and try to get your hands in the air pointing to the roof and then try to get on her toes. She tried was losing her balance. Then I came from behind and hold her in the waist so that she can get support. My hand was on her super thin waist. I asked her to do the same activity again. She tried to get on her toes but as she was losing her balance she tilted backwards where I was.

I hold her waist tightly now due to the tilt her ass came in contact with my groin area. My cock was already stiff by then. Her ass was just on my rock solid cock. I kept my position like that. I asked her to do the same. She also didn’t resist and again tried to get on her toes. While doing so her ass was now rubbing on my cock. I can feel her roundness of her ass on my cock.

I came a bit closer now and took my hands around her and hold her waist now when I did that her body gave a jerk. I said to her am I holding you tight. She said “no no, you can hold me like that. I was having so much fun now. Then I gave support to lift her on her toes. I was so close to her that my breath was going right on her shoulders. I can sense a heaviness of breath of Aditi. She lifted herself on the toes once again as I was very close to her my cock was now right in between in ass crack.

I was also rubbing my cock slowly on her ass crack now. I was doing it in a way that she thinks that this is a part of exercise. I did the same exercise with the same pose for 10 mins or so. I really enjoyed her ass rub on my crack. She may be also enjoying now, her breathing has became heavy now after 10 mins of that I told her now we should do a different exercise when she turned back I can see her face has turned red now.

May be due to excitement that happened or it may could have due to the exercise. Then after taking 2-3 mins break I asked her to stand with her legs apart and try to touch the toe of her left leg with her right hand and vice versa. She followed my instructions and started to do the exercise as her body was not that loose she was having difficulty reach her toe. I was standing behind her and was watching her ass. Her track pants were so tight that when she bent her both the ass checks came out clearly. I can see her ass crack clearly also. The outline of her panty was also coming out. I wanted to touch her again. So I said to her, let me help you to do this for the first time. I went behind her and positioned my cock against her ass again. She was already in a bent position; I came over her put my chest on her back and spread my arms along with her arms.

My cock was right between her ass cracks now. Now I slowly started to mover her arms in order to reach the toe. I was so close to her that her every move of hers was making me more closely to her. I was also pushing my cock as deep as it can go in her crack. She was also not resisting while bending her tracks started to come down of her waist. Now I can see her bare lower back and also some part of ass now as she was in bent position she was not seeing what I was seeing.

Some more time went and her pants slipped more and her cracks were visible now. I can see her starting of ass now. I was really enjoying the show. Then after 5-10 mins I asked her to stop the exercise now. She stood up and saw her some part of the ass was naked. She quickly pulled her track and panty while doing so she looked at me and gave me a smile. Then I asked her do you want some more exercise today. She said my body is paining so anything that can relax that.

I got an idea now, I said to her better you take a break now or I can give you a light massage that can relax you body. To my amusement she agreed. I was so excited again. I thought she also might like my touch by now. I asked her where you feeling the pain most. She said her legs and thigh are very stiff now. I asked her to lie down on her back. She did the same and now she was lying down on the floor, I sat by her legs and took one of her legs on my thigh.

I started massaging her calf muscles very slowly. She was so soft in her legs while I took her leg on me I can see her groin area now which was spread now. I was not looking directly there as she was facing me and I don’t want to get caught while starring her pussy area. Slowly I moved a bit and my hands were now on her knees. while massaging I saw her eyes getting close, she must be enjoying my massage. I wanted to move ahead with my hand.

I asked her should I give you thighs also a massage. She said “yes, that will be very nice. Oh Abhi you are so nice.” Now I can sense a different tone in her dialog. I put my hand on her thigh now, she was having such a nice well built and well shaped thigh my cock was getting rock solid. I did not believe my luck that being I was touching her body, and she is enjoying that. Then all of a sudden she asked me one question. She told Abhi how you find my body? Is my body well shaped and it needs some toning?

I thought this is a golden opportunity to get closer with her. I wanted to say something so that she will keep taking exercise lesson but at the same time I wanted to praise her. I told her “you body is perfectly well shaped and has a great prospect to have much better with exercise you can make you body absolutely like models while talking my hand was still on her thighs and I was just going up with my hands. I was almost touching her inner thighs now. I was may be 6-7 inches away from her pussy now.She said “Ahh you are over praising me now, how can I have a figure like model?” I said you don’t know your body then. Then she told “ok fine tell me how I can get fitter and look like model as you know my body now.” I was shocked to hear that from her, but in the mean time I was getting more and more excited now. My hands were all over her thighs, I was sometime getting so close to her pussy in the name of massage.

I can see her pussy shape also now as she was wearing very tight track pants. I wanted to see her pussy and ass but as she was facing me I was not able to do that freely. I said turn around so that I can massage you back part of the legs also. She turned around on her face and again me “you didn’t answer me? I said no no I was just thinking. In the mean time she was now sleeping with her face down. Now as she was not seeing me I can stare her private parts at my will.

Her ass was so tight, I can see her panty lining from the tight tracks she was wearing that time. I casually put my hands just below her ass and said to her “some part of your body needs attention, means you have to lose some weight there. I was massaging both her thighs with my hand while talking to her. I was bringing my hands up and down while massaging her, while doing that my hand was now touching her ass now.

I was getting confident now; I told her that your thighs need some toning. Also your waist can be a bit slimmer and if you do so then your lower back will come out more and will look nicer. She asked “lower back means? I said “I mean you buttock (I didn’t want to use the ass word in front of her.) I was a bit embarrassed after saying that. She said yeah I also think that my buttock is not nice. I immediately said no no it’s very nice only it needs some shape.

I was totally lying, her ass was so nice and well shaped. She said may be you can help me shaping it. I was shocked to hear that. She just asked me to shape her ass, yes she said that. I was so excited now. In the excitement I forget my hands were all over her ass now. I was massaging her ass now, when I noticed I quickly removed my hand and said sorry to her.

She said “it’s ok, now you are my teacher now so no sorry, and also I have some pain there so it will be nice if you do that.” She just allowed me to massage her ass. I again put my both hands on her ass. My whole palms were touching her whole ass. I can feel her panty on my palm now. I was pressing her ass so slowly now. I can sense again she was breathing a bit heavy now.

Then she asked how about my upper body, is it ok? I was almost out of my words. I don’t know what to say after a moment I said “yeah, your upper body is a bit heavy so you need to trim a bit but it can be done.” She said “do you know some exercise that will bring my chest into shape. I said yeah I know and I will also help you to do so. I was now super blown up, my brother’s wife want me to tone her already super sexy body.She said “ohh thanx Abhi, you are so nice. I am looking forward to exercise with you. The fact was I was so super excited now. I kept on my hand on her ass only. I was touching her whole ass with my hands. Then I asked her should I put some balm. She nodded her head. I ran to get the balm from her closet. Then I sat close to her waist and lifted her top so that I can put some balm on her back. I didn’t bother now to ask about that. I put my hand on her back and started massaging very slowly. I can see her face in the mirror opposite to her. I can see her eyes getting closed. Then I thought if she again went into sleep like in the morning then I can again touch her inside. So I kept on massaging her back very slowly and after 10-15 mins I can sense she was very calm and may be in sleep again. Then I moved my fingers slowly in her pants. I can feel her panty now with my finger tips. Then slowly I started pulling her tracks down with one hand. I was watching her face while I was making her naked slowly her supper how ass started to come out. She was so fare there. I can see the curve of her ass starting.

I was getting mad now, I wanted to pull her pants at one go and let the super sexy ass and pussy to be naked but there was some part of scare still in me. Slowly I pulled her pant a bit more and now I can see her red panty now. I pulled the panty along with the tracks. Now her ass was half naked. Her ass crack was visible now. I tried to pull her panty down but it was struck under her. Then I put my hands now in her panty now oh my god I was again touching her bare ass now. I didn’t know that if she is sleeping or pretending to be in sleep, but who cares.

I put my hand more her deep in her panty. I was almost touching her ass hole now. I lifted her pant and the panty to see deep in her ass. Oh what a scene that was, her ass chicks were pushing in her ass crack. It was so tight, she may never been ass fucked ass her ass crack and her ass hole was so tight. Now I wanted to touch her pussy now, but the way she was sleeping on her boobs, it was difficult to reach there. I thought maybe this time I can touch her pussy on top of her pants now. Her legs were well spread when I was massaging so they were like that only.

I placed my hand on top of her in between her legs. When I did that there was a jerk in her body, I got scared but still kept my hand there. Oh she was so soft there; I can feel her pussy lips there. There I can feel her crack in her pussy. My one hand was in her panty and the other hand was touching her pussy oh what a day I am having. Then I started rubbing her pussy along with her pussy crack, I can sense a bit heavy breathing also. I also can sense bit of wetness in her pussy now.

I was moving my fingers around her pussy lips now. I saw her face, she was still calm but her face has turned into red color now. Maybe she also enjoys my touch in her private parts. My hands in her pants were also making some small circle on her ass hole now. I wanted to put my finger in there but it was so tight. Then all of a sudden, her phone rang. I was about to get a heart attack. My hands were in her most private parts. I just took my hands from her panty in a flash.

I didn’t know she did it intentionally or not but she didn’t wake up that fast. May be she was giving me time to get my hands out. After maybe 5 sec or so she moved and woke up in the mean time I pulled my hands from her ass and pussy and put back on her back but still her half the ass was naked. She then said “can you get me the phone? I went and got the phone, still didn’t try to cover her half naked ass. After receiving the call she said “your brother is coming now.

So we should do the next exercise session tomorrow. Still she was half naked like that. Then she stood up casually and pulled her panty and pants back. She looked and me and gave me a smile and said “oh that was so nice that I again went in to sleep. Yours hands are so nice that I get so much relax. Hopefully you can give me the same tomorrow also. I said sure any time you want.

I was puzzled a bit that did she know what I did or she seriously doesn’t know anything while I was leaving the room she said doesn’t forget to get me a work out dress tomorrow. I said okNext morning I woke up bit late. All night I was thinking of her and masturbated 3 times thinking of her soft pussy and ass. Now I wanted to see her totally naked but I was bit confused hot to do it. I was sure that she was co operating with me but still there was some doubt and if I misunderstood her then I am gone. I went to the living room and saw Aditi was doing something there. I asked where brother is, she looked at me and gave me a smile and said he has gone to office. Then I asked her how your back pain is. She said it’s in much improved condition, thanks to you. Then she said something that puzzled me, she said don’t tell your brother about our exercise thing, I want to surprise him with my toned body as you said. I didn’t know she asked me not to tell anyone because of the reason she said or she wanted something else. I said to her in reply you still have a very good figure to surprise anyone. She looked at me and gave me a naughty smile. She said “you don’t know, your brother is not interested in my body now days so I want to make him surprise. This was the first time she was talking her private life with me. I asked her why so; in reply she said when you will get married you will understand. Men get bored with same girl. I though this is the time to cash in, I said anyone can’t get bored after getting you, you are so attractive and you have such nice figure that no one will get bored anytime. She looked at me for few seconds and said you find me attractive enough? I said absolutely, I think my brother is lucky enough to get a girl like you hearing that she smiled and said ok I will see. I don’t know why she said that. Then after some time she said that we have to go to the market to get something. I said ok. She said give me 5 mins I will be ready after some time she came out of her room, she was wearing a very tight fit salwar suit her every curve in the body was coming out from the dress. She usally wears that dress but today my point of view has changed so she is now looking very sexy in that dress. We had a car, a bike and Aditi had one scooty. Usually my brother takes the car but due to some issue the car was in garage so brother took my bike. So she said we have to go in scooty. I was not very comfortable in driving the scooty so I let her drive. I sat on the back seat and we started. I was seating close to her, I can smell her body, it was so nice. I wanted to get close to her but I was afraid to do that. Then she said something which I couldn’t hear. I then get closer to her and put my face on her shoulder to hear what she is saying doing so I got now a bit closer to her. Now my legs were touching her legs and my chest was almost touching her back. We were just talking normal things but I was getting closer now to her. Now almost my groin area was touching her lower back and ass. My cock was rock solid by now; I kept on thinking her naked ass. All of a sudden a speed breaker came and I jumped a bit. In the process I got very close to her, my rock solid cock was now touching her ass now, oh my god I was getting so excited. I kept my position like that only. I was rubbing my cock very slowly on her lower back and ass while doing so I was talking to her also. Sometimes she was also moving her ass to push into my cock. Maybe she was also enjoying my cock touch, then after sometime she stopped at a shopping complex. I was enjoying the ride so much but what to do. Then we went into a tailor shop. She said that last week she gave something to stitch but it was not fitting properly so she wanted to give it back to the tailor for adjustment. We entered the shop and there was a person to whom Aditi gave the dress… Kahani padhne ke baad apne vichar niche comments me jarur likhe, taaki hum apke liye roz aur behtar kamuk kahaniyan pesh kar sake – DK


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