Mami Ke Chudai

Hey guys and girls this is my first story if any mistakes are there please bare with it. Let me tell about myself i am an average guy sweet looking (height 6.2, cock size around 7 inches, fair) all those who meet say so i assume it to be correct

Anyways coming to story it started when i was in class 12th and preparing for board and competitive examination. Both my parents are working so they want to me to have someone who could take care of me for a month. Thats where my mami (white in color , height 5.3, size 32-34-46, age 30, best part are her boobs and ass to die for) came into picture. They thought that she might take good care of me and called upon her and to which she readily agreed. Being always good in studies and sports i rarely got any time to look for girls in my school but in delhi you say you have to change and then it all started.

I was attracted to one of my classmates which is damn sexy but didn’t have the guts to tell her , slowly the frustration was taking upon me.Than mami came. Initially i haven’t had any bad intentions but one day when i came home after coaching she was changing her dress and door was left open i came in and was shell shocked to see her in bra her back side facing me . She was starting to wear her kurta, she probably noticed that i had come but didn’t said anything, then we went on for a walk. That night i was restless and i jacked off thinking of her .Now i used to wait for opportunity to see more of her. I used to get some view of cleavage of her and used to sometimes occasionally touch her back and feel it. She was enjoying and teased me more and more and told me after i fucked her. One day after i returned from school she was having back pain. I asked what happened she told me that while lifting a bucket she had a sprain i enquired whether she is fine or anything she would like me to do . She said nothing then i thought i may apply a balm so she could get relief. From here i would like to write in hindi to get some more expressions.

Tab maine unse pucha ke kya mai balm laga do to wo bole chalo thik hai ise mughe aaram bhe mil jayaga. To mai balm leke aaye or unse kha ke wo aapne kurta ko thoda upar kar le or muh ulta kar ke late jaye. Unhohne waise kiya . Main balm lagane laga to unhone kha ke kad ke thoda niche to just above where u can see the ass portions to maine unse kaha ke iske liye to aapko apne nade ko kholna hoga to unhona kha thik hai or salwar thode niche kar de . I was sitting on top of her and appying balm somehow i was controlling my feelings . Dhere dhere maine or niche malish suru kar de phele to unhone dhyan nahi diya par jab maine or neeche kiya to unhone kha wha nahi to maine kha thik hai.

Thode der baad malish karne ke bad maine kha kaise lag raha hai to unhone kha aacha to maine jat se kha diya agar aapko koi dikkat na ho to mai aapke pairo or kamar ke mailaish be kar dete ho to unhone has ke kha diya thik hai. Phir me oil ke bootle leke aaye or niche se salwar ko utha kar malish karne laga , dheere dheeere mailish karte hua ghutno tak pahuncha to uske upar salwar ke karan mailish nahi ho pa rahi thi to maine mami se kha ke salwar nikal do to unhone pehele to mana kar diya par phir maine kha ke yha to koi nahi hai or mai to aapke beta jaise ho to unhone kha thik hai. Aab unke gore gore tange mere samne the , mai to dektha he reh gaya .

Phir maine mailish shuru ke or badhte badhte unke chut ke taraf le gaya wo dheere dheere moan karne lage iska faida uthate hue maine apna hath unke panty me dal diya or use niche kar de ekdam se mami mudi or pucha ye kya kar rahe ho maine kha mailsh to wo muskra de or phir se let gayi ye dekh ke to maine unke salwar or panty dono niche kar de .

Aab maine oil liya or unke chuttad pe mailish karne laga or mami se kaha ke aapke tangi or chuttad to bahut he sundar hai to wo has di or kha ho gayi murad puri tumahri apne mami ko nanga dekhne ke maine kha abhi kha abhi to shurat hai aage dekhya kitna maja aayga. Phir maine unke chuttan ko separtae kiya or unke aashoole pe oil dala kya najara tha ek to gora rang upar se oil ka chiknapan or uspe padte light .

Phir maine ek ungle unke asshole me ghusaye or under bahar karne laga to mami boli ke isme lage rahoge ye aage be maja dooge tab maine unhe ulta kiya wo mere ko dekh ke sharma rahi the maine kha ku sharam rahi ho aab to kehne lagi shugarat jaisa lag raha hai to maine kha waisa hi samjo. Phir maine unko pura nanga kar diya aur khud bhi ho gaya may ye batana chahungs jitne maja kapde utarne me hai lajawab hai.

Phir maine unhe kiss kiya phele to mujhe pata nahi tha kaise karna hai par mami ne mujhe bataye uske bad there is no stopping phir ham 5 min tak kiss karte rahe, uske bad maine unke boobs ko munh me leke chusne lag gaya aur ek hath se unke chut sehlana lag gaya wo uh aah uh aah gaise sound nikalne lag gayi. Karib 15 min tak unke boobs chatne ke baad maine unse kha maja aa gaya aaj to kehne lage itne din se jo tum muth mar rahe ho usese jada maja aa raha hai ke nahi to mai haran rah gaya

To be continued in next part……………………..

Any girls or aunties want me to contact for chat or sex are welcomed to do so privacy will be maintained email me at [email protected]

Hope you like the story please give your suggestions it will encourage me to write further of my relationship with mami and my girlfriend. Kahani padhne ke baad apne vichar niche comments me jarur likhe, taaki hum apke liye roz aur behtar kamuk kahaniyan pesh kar sake – DK


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